Hot Towel & Gua Sha Facial Massage

Enjoy and Relax

A Hot Towel and Cold Stone face massage is a soothing, tension-relieving experience  that relaxes the facial muscles, stimulate the skin, improves circulation, accelerates natural cell repair, enhances the complexion and increases muscle tone.

It can also help reduce common conditions like acne, relieve symptoms of sinus, congestion, tension headaches, migraines and reduce levels of stress and anxiety through its relaxing qualities.

This is all achieved by placing a hot towel around the face, which warms up the muscles and stimulates circulation, helping the body to fall into a soothing state of relaxation. Then the Cold Stones are gently used to massage the face and neck using different circular motions and strokes, techniques designed to stimulate the skin, oxygenate the cells which encourages cell repair and reduces cytokines. This in turn can help improve the complexion by reducing puffiness or redness of the skin.

(Cytokines are signalling proteins that can help control inflammation in the skin. To many cytokines can lead to excess inflammation)

Hot Towel &Amp; Cold Stone Face Massage In Chippenham